Web Projects


Logo/Carte d'affaires

Done with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, this business card was part of a larger design project, including the logo and the Website mentionned. This project was completed upon request for the owner of Excavation RD, with remuneration.

Excavation RD Business Card


Audio Interface

The tool of choice for the completion of this graphic interface concept was Adobe Photoshop. The principal elements are a scrolling list of musical pieces and a random projection of abstract animations synchronised to the music.

Music Player Interface


Laval Project V

The creation of a realistic but impossible scene was the mandate for this Laval University project. Researching, modifying and synthesising multiple images permitted further experimentation with Adobe Photoshop tools and techniques.

Laval Project IV


Projet Laval I

To age or not to age? That was the question of this image treatment project completed with Adobe Photoshop...

Laval Project I
Laval Project II

A first exercice in image selection and synthesis, this project was completed with Adobe Photoshop.

Projet Laval III
Projet Laval III

Croque-mitaines, a fictional breakfast cereal, allowed the opportunity to explore, among other things, the marionnette tool in Adobe Photoshop.

Laval Project IV