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Welcome to my portfolio! In this section on Research, Strategy and Writing, a limited number of documents have been published. If you find that there are considerably fewer documents here than in the French version of my website, it is primarily because the bulk of my University studies were competed in French. Strict confidentiality guidelines prevent the rest of my English-language corpus from being shared. Nonetheless, as a native English speaker with some professional writing experience, my hope is that the humbler samples provided on this page may sufficiently display my capacity to effectively communicate using the written word.

Eagle Vizion - Product Brochures

Description : I was mandated with creating a series of product brochures during my first internship. Responsibilities included a brief market analysis, consulting with the R & D, Engineering, Sales and Management teams to develop an understanding of the complex functions of the machines being marketed, graphic design and page layout and writing as well as coordinating with commercial printing services.
Summary : A total of four brochure-types were completed, approved and printed before the deadline. These brochures were then distributed at international forums and tradeshows, netting customer inquiries, important purchases and large-scale business deals.

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Eagle Vizion - Case Studies

Description : During my third internship, I was tasked with developing a number of case studies demonstrating the performance abilities of Eagle Vizion optical sorting machines. Designed as a sales tool to inform interested customers about the sorter’s competitive advantages, each case study had to contain authentic sorting data from live tests performed by the R & D team. The documents had to be put forth in language rich enough to communicate the subtle and complex results of each test and yet easy to understand for people responsible for purchases, but not necessary educated in a scientific field.
Summary : One case study was produced for each of the major industries handled by Eagle Vizion’s machines. The sorting process and related data were presented in schematic flow charts with textual introductions, summaries and conclusions. The case studies are distributed to specialist clients in diverse fields of the plastics industry as a key aspect of the sales process. AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST ONLY.

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Eagle Vizion - About Us

Description : My third internship included researching and writing content for the new Eagle Vizion website, which is not yet online. The About Us page required extensive research into the history of Eagle Vizion, from its founding to today. Sufficient breadth was required to offer a realistic perspective of the company’s progress to interested visitors, all while remaining succinct enough to hold reader’s attention long enough for them to see the important growth Eagle Vizion has displayed over the years.
Summary : While not yet published, the web content written during my third internship was heartily approved by both the sitting Communications Director and the Company President. Only the About Us page is provided as a sample.

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